Drink in the hand...toes in the sand!

Dirty Dave's Tiki Bar is now open* seven days a week 12pm to sundown!!!! (*Weather permitting)

We are a seasonal beach-front tiki bar and snack shack. We have great brick oven pizza, fresh squeezed crushes, cold beer, and frozen drinks. We have a roped-off large swimming area. No lifeguard is present on the beach.

Summer 2021 is right around the corner! Things are still going to be a little different, but we are excited for you to enjoy safely our little island paradise! We can’t wait to make more memories with you this summer!

No pets are allowed on the beach area.

So why is our tiki bar called Dirty Dave’s Tiki Bar?

Most would assume that it has a lewd connotation, but it’s actually more simplistic. While the tiki bar was being built, our builder @TikiKev (Philadelphia, PA) would be visited every day by Dave himself. Dave would walk out there with his apron on, straight from the kitchen. Day in and day out, Tiki Kev would notice how dirty Dave’s apron was from working hard in the kitchen. Until one day, Tiki Kev looked up from his work and said, “Dave, I know what you should call this place. Dirty Dave’s Tiki Bar, because your apron is always dirty”. And so a humble tiki bar was born.