Bookings for Summer 2022 weekend beach spots are now available! Click here to book.

Dirty's Dave Tiki Bar now features limited Beach Spots!

Beach reservations for the weekends (Saturdays, Sundays, and Holiday Mondays) will be available online. There is a reservation fee that must be paid to confirm your spot on the day you wish to visit the beach. These spots are not a part of Kentmorr Restaurant's outside dining area and therefore they do not have servers that comes to your spot! Dirty Dave's Tiki Bar has tables for people 21 and older that will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis every day of the week. Beach spots will be available first-come, first-serve on week days.

Online beach reservations can be made at Beach spots can have up to 6 people, including children. You will need to select the spot you are interested in, fill out your information, and pay for the reservation to confirm your beach spot. The reservation fee includes admission for 6 people and an umbrella for the day. Waterfront spots are $40, Water view spots with a Palapa are $35, and Water view spots are $30.

In our attempt to best serve our patrons and protect the safety of all on our property, we have established spots on the beach that give your party enough room to enjoy the beach. These spots feature a great view of the water and a chance to get your toes in the sand.

Alcohol Free Area – Due to a change in regulations, a portion of the beach this summer will be an Alcohol Free Area. Those spots are designated on the website when booking. You can bring all food and non-alcoholic beverages purchased at Kentmorr/Dirty Dave’s to your sand spot in that area, but alcoholic beverages must be consumed at the bar area or in the restaurant.

On the Weekends- Reservations for Kentmorr Beach will be available online. The reservations for Saturdays, Sundays, or Holiday Mondays are for 12pm. This allows for you to arrive middle of the day and enjoy the beach for as long as you would like. For your reservation, you may have up to 6 people at the spot you have reserved. The total number of your party includes children.

If we are full with reservations, you are more than welcome to come on a Saturday, Sunday, or Holiday Monday to see if there is an available spot. But there is no guarantee of getting onto the beach without a reservation.

Sandy Beach Spots!

All spots this year will be sandy beach spots! You can bring your own blanket, chairs, or towels to sit on the sand. There is plenty of room for you to play in the sand and catch some rays. Each spot comes with an umbrella and has room for up to 6 people.

Additional Information

+Each spot can have up to 6 people, this includes all children.
+Bathrooms for Beach Patrons are located in the front parking lot of the restaurant at the Comfort Station. Follow the arrows down the dock to reach the front of the building.
+Beach Patrons are not allowed to enter the restaurant unless they are arriving for a restaurant reservation. To go into the restaurant to eat, you must have on clothes and shoes.
+On Weekends, we take reservations online to reserve your beach spot. The reservation fee paid online covers the admission fee for 6 people. Each spot is allowed to have up to 6 people, including children.
+ During the week, it is first come, first serve for beach spots. There is a $5/per person facility fee for anyone over the age of 10.
+No speakers of any kind are allowed on the beach or in the restaurant.